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    • Devices:High Pressure Protection Device
    • Feature:Piezoelectric Ignition
    • Metal Type:Copper
    • Type:Gas Stoves

    Key Features

    We are a trusted supplier of charcoal grills and gas grills for outdoor use. Our products are made from top grade materials and the high-quality finish prevents rust from forming.

    Uncle Roast Universal BBQ Grill

    BBQ Grill & Stove 

    Uncle Roast BBQ Grill is a special grill can reduce scorched with automatic rotate, and its construction was made by stainless steel to keep your health.  Make your BBQ time free and get delicious food.

    • Whole Chicken/Fish can be roast easy.
    • High quality tool, high quality life.
    • Outdoor cooking no hassle just fun.
    • Surprisingly Delicious.
    • No more sticky situation, just perfectly fresh roasted food.
    • Can put in portable storage bag, easy to care easy to transport.
    • Rotary power just need 9-volt battery (can be used for 10 hours.), or a power adapter 110v/220v is also compatible.
    • Healthy and delicious food made easy.
    • Designed and manufactured in Taiwan, and have patent.





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    • Easy Healthy Tasty

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